Investing in the Future at Redmond Group

It’s often said that “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin. Or “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” – Source under constant debate!

Redmond Group believes in planning for our future. The complex world of construction is constantly changing as new ideas and technologies develop; and we do all that we can to be proactive in meeting the challenges and opportunities those changes will offer. That means investing in high quality staff, constant innovation, regular training, and of course the appropriate infrastructure and tools that enable our staff to do their best for our business. Recently we have invested in our growth and expansion by purchasing and implementing specialist operational software for our Accounting, Commercial, and Estimating teams, that will help us increase our automation, reporting, and general efficiencies. We’ve provided in house dedicated training, supported by webinars and ongoing access to support lines. All to ensure our business and our people are ready when the future arrives!