Bird huts provide a safe haven for our wildlife

At Redmond Group, we are committed to our employees, our business, our clients, and our values of professionalism, commitment, and safety. Also to being a leader in our industry in contributing to a better world. The way we work directly affects the environment, and we try to do as much as we can to ensure any potentially harmful impact is minimal, and to give back as much as we can.

We support wildlife in multiple ways, including our 5 Year Woodland Programme, our Cross Pollination Project, the work we do in allowing rehabilitated hedgehogs back into the wild, and of course our Community Zoo.  But did you know that – wherever space allows – we also install bird huts on site? These huts will have one or more bird nesting boxes, and we’ll add a few planters too. They become a comfortable and safe haven for a variety of birds.