Community Zoo visit for Supervisor

Redmond Group offers day visits to our Community Zoo as part of its social involvement with all of its employees. The zoo is privately funded by our Managing Director, Stephen Redmond. Recently, we arranged for one of our supervisors, Marius Gafu, to visit the Community Zoo with his two sons for a family day out. On their visit they got to see the chickens, pygmy goats, kunekune pigs, mini pigs, rheas, alpacas, llamas, wallabies, and the peacock.

In Marius’ own words:

“We spent a great day there and both boys were so excited even with few days before they kept asking “Today we go to farm??”  They are great pictures showing a noble activity: keeping all those animals, taking care, feeding them, showing love – I think this is the MOST important [factor] in our life. Thank you for the best experience we had there.”