Voula Christou is ‘Head of Internal Operations and Scale-Up Champion’ for the Redmond Group. This may seem a bit of a mouthful of a title, but comes in addition to her role as Company Secretary.

It is, however, a significant strategic role, and quite a canny move by the owner and MD Stephen Redmond. It reflects the importance of having the right controls in place for internal processes and protocols regarding corporate compliance and good housekeeping.

Getting the basics right has never been more pressing given the changing and challenging landscape for businesses coming out of the effects of a pandemic. The need to examine and innovate, so that the emerging business processes work for our colleagues and the company.

This approach provides the solid base from which to launch the scale-up required to achieve the business’s ambitious targets over the next 20 years.

As Voula reflects on her role, she commented, ‘I am very proud and excited to champion the internal drive, for new and proposed processes and improvements, supporting the Redmond Group scale-up. A good example is our signing up to the UN global goals for sustainable development, a brilliant example of our business understanding the importance of community and shared responsibility.

Filtering this through our business at all levels provides a good feeling that we contribute to improving better community outcomes’.

Stephen Redmond added, ‘Voula’s role is critical to champion our internal scale-up support and is part of our commitment to improving our business’s culture. It also makes us a contractor of choice for leading construction businesses who need a partner with the same commitment to high standards and sustainability, and with the same innovative mindset about achieving goals’.

The Redmond Group corporate brochure highlights the commitment to eleven of the seventeen sustainability goals the UN has identified, a copy available at the following link; Redmond Group Making a Difference corporate brochure.

The Redmond Group is on the right course for scale-up growth, and ahead of the curve, signing up to the UN charter and goals three years ago. The Sunday Times 21st February ran a pull out feature on ‘Sustainable Investing’ how ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors are no longer just nice-to-have elements of compliance, but fundamental business value drivers. HE Simm, CEO Gareth Simm, one of our customers, was quoted on the growing importance of ESG on building occupants’ agenda.

COVID-19 has heightened the awareness of all our priorities, in both our personal and business lives. And Redmond Group will continue – as it always has – to find the balance to ensure profitability, whilst caring for its people, the community, and our environment.