Employees of the Month – January

Congratulations to the following people who have won Employee of the Month for each of our main sites in January.

Mick’s H&S Monthly Award

JLR Gaydon Triangle – Lewis Riley-Lester

Lewis Riley-Lester (centre) with HSQE & Sustainability Director, Mick McCarthy (right) and
Project Lead, Andrew Cordwell (left)

Lewis leads by example and is a role model with regards to PPE and safe working practices on site.
Takes the lead in external health & safety visits and is always willing to give/share advice with the operatives and senior teams.
A great ambassador for Redmond Group.

Employees of the Month

Cambridge Bellatrix – Shane McGough

Shane McGough (left) with HSQE & Sustainability Director, Mick McCarthy (right)

Shane was nominated due to the pace and quality of his work.
He genuinely cares about the project and is an asset to the company.
He has stepped up to a working supervisor role and is a fantastic role model to the rest of his team.

Embassy Gardens – Andrei Dogot

Andrei Dogot (left) with HSQE & Sustainability Director, Mick McCarthy (right)

Andrei has a very proactive attitude, and always represents the company in a positive way through his passion for work and his colleagues. Leads by example when it comes to wearing his uniform and 5 point PPE.

White City Block F – Ioan Dobras (Danny)

Ioan Dobras (left) with HSQE & Sustainability Director, Mick McCarthy (right)

Ioan is a valuable member of our team at white city and has been throughout this project.
His hard work and effort hasn’t gone unnoticed from myself and other members of the project management team.

JLR Gaydon Triangle – Stefan Cretu

Stefan Cretu (centre) with HSQE & Sustainability Director, Mick McCarthy (left) and
Project Lead, Andrew Cordwell (right)

Stefan has been nominated by our team for his fantastic behaviour and attitude towards the health & safety on site every day.
Stefan leads by example with regards to wearing his PPE and ensuring his colleagues do as well. Stefan has challenged the team when required to ensure everyone is compliant at all times.
Stefan continues to be highly vigilant while on site to ensure everyone is working in a safe matter and at times has even spoken to other trades with regards to this.
Stefan delivers a constantly high standard of work and continues to promote within the Redmond Group team a very high standard towards not only the delivery of quality but also the health & safety on site.   

Office – Lee Scott

Lee Scott (centre) with Managing Director, Stephen Redmond (left) and Office Manager, Voula Christou (right)

Lee is our IT Support Technician and has been very proactive in supporting our new office manager, Voula Christou. Lee has a good all round knowledge of all the office roles having been with the company for over 3 years. He looks after Purchase Orders, IT infrastructure, website and social media. He is very friendly, attentive to detail and is often seen buzzing around the office. He has an attitude of always wanting to help his colleagues, with good humour as well as persistence…