Our Services


We have a highly skilled team of plumbers and mechanical engineers with the expertise and experience to deliver major infrastructure projects to the highest safety and quality standards, working in partnership with our clients and their design teams.

Our operatives are led by our management team who have wide-ranging experience delivering complex construction programmes.


We deliver bespoke, cost effective and energy efficient solutions for water, ventilation, and heating in every sector. Each sector has its specific requirements and we work closely with architects and main contractors to make sure every installation is completed to plan. We are exact about health, safety, quality and environmental standards, meeting all regulatory requirements and going beyond what’s required to ensure every fitting is correctly installed, safe and secure. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our own team and works. When we see a problem that needs fixing, whether it’s our work or not, we’ll address it.


We deliver complete water systems for major property developments in every sector, ensuring drinking and sanitary water, and also enabling water recycling, if required, to meet regulatory and sustainability objectives.

Recycling water is a cost-effective approach compared to using a fresh supply for every purpose but does require specialist knowledge to guarantee a safe operating system that meets the necessary water quality standards. We can provide the expertise required.

Our team of operatives has extensive plumbing experience, with skills gained in diverse sectors. These skills are transferable to all projects and enable effective problem-solving when project plans need to change.

Commercial Gas Installation

We provide gas installation services to the residential and commercial sectors, meeting all health and safety standards during installation and ensuring regulatory requirements are met for ongoing public safety.

We specialise in major scale infrastructure projects, working with design and engineering teams to understand every detail of the specifications and fulfil wide-ranging objectives including cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.

All our operatives have the specialist skills required to deliver complex pipework and plant installations within new and upgraded buildings.

Critical Plant Replacement

We’re experienced at carrying out critical plant replacements when heat, ventilation, air conditioning and boiler equipment has reached the end of its lifecycle.

New installations need to meet high standards for energy efficiency and carbon emissions. They also need to replace existing equipment seamlessly, with as little downtime as possible.

At Redmond, we understand the need to keep buildings operational as replacement works take place and collaborate with our customers to develop tightly controlled project plans that ensure live environments are safe, secure and uncompromised.

Our in-depth mechanical, engineering, plumbing and public health knowledge has been applied to critical plant replacement projects in residential, office, health, defence and educational environments.


Electrical Project Management – SWITCHED ON…

We operate, manage electrical contracts for large residential or commercial construction or refurbishment projects.

The installation of electrical rooms as shown here for residential or commercial buildings, including multiple smart meters, main power breaker, meter stacks, cabinets, and complex cabling, is involved.


Increasingly we are looking to manage the install of new electric vehicle charging stations for the parking lots in both commercial and residential buildings.

Please review our Electrical Live Works policy.

Modern ways
of working

Armorgard Cutting Station

The Armorgard Cutting Station is a neat, mobile workstation that eliminates the need for a separate cutting room. It is an essential part of our onsite toolkit for safely cutting lengths of pipe in limited space.

Integral health and safety features include rubber matting, fire-rating, noise-cancelling foam, and PVC screens to contain sparks. Extraction and air filtration units can also be fitted.

John Deere Gator 4x4

We use the John Deere Gator 4x4 on large sites where our operatives need to move equipment and pipes safely and efficiently over long distances or between floors. It has a massive 635 kg payload capacity, plus 4-wheel drive and semi-independent suspension to support safe transportation across construction sites.

Even when fully loaded, ground clearance is good. Stability is enhanced by the hydro-formed frame. There’s a cargo box for heavy hauling and high-back bucket seats which reduces manual handling and gives operatives greater support. An operator protection system is also built in.



On large projects requiring extensive pipework, the efficiency of installation is essential. But we also need to trust the product we’re using. Buteline’s plastic plumbing system is extremely high-quality and dependable during installation and when fully operational.

Their pipework has a leakage channel which controls any water leakage during installation, reducing time and minimising damage. The system can then be crimped. We worked with them to fully understand their system before our first installation and have regular training sessions with them to keep up to speed with each innovation and improvement they introduce.

Furthermore, Buteline’s consideration of the environment in their manufacturing process, logistics, and the long-term sustainability of their product, supports our own commitment to minimising our environmental impacts. We are like-minded about the part we must play protecting the environment for future generations.


Geberit is a global operator in sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics, frequently specified by our lead contractors and their designers for high quality residential developments.

We worked with Geberit on Clarges Mayfair Estate ‘super-prime’ residential building and TWO FIFTY ONE, the multi-apartment contemporary design tower block, on Southwark Bridge Road, in London SE1.

Our working relationship on projects is characterised by early engagement, with Redmond and Geberit fully focused on understanding the detail of a project before works commence.

Together we ensure the highest quality finished solution and timely delivery, in line with the lead contractor’s schedule.

We make sure every manufacturer we work with completes a regular manufacturer’s quality audit on site once installation is underway. These checks are a vital part of our forensically controlled installation system and extends the trust our clients have in us to execute everything to the highest standards.

Pegler Yorkshire

Based in Doncaster, Pegler Yorkshire is a British manufacturer of valves and other engineering products.


Based in Ipswich, Crane is British manufacturer of valves and fluid systems and has existed for more than 90 years.


Hattersley has existed for more than 120 years manufacturing a range of valves for the Building Services industry.


Victaulic develop and manufacturer mechanical pipe joining systems, they also lead the first design of the grooved pipe couplings joining system.