intu Watford Shopping Centre

We contributed to the refurbishment of three zones inside the intu Watford Shopping Centre in Hertfordshire, where a £180 million redevelopment programme is underway.

Our services included rainwater pipe work, soil and vent pipework, mains cold water services, and natural gas main services, to support a diverse mix of leisure and retail facilities.

We worked within a live environment, interfacing with the public and engaging closely with tenants and other contractors to complete the works within the tight timescales and with minimal disruption. We completed the project snag free.

Several tenants have contacted Redmond Group to work for them as a direct result of our considerate work practices.

All operatives completed monthly health and safety training, including specific practices for working in live environments, and internal and external assessors completed on site health and safety checks.

Operatives also completed refresher training on tooling and quality work practices, working directly with manufactures who completed audits on site.

Every element of our installation was subject to our Forensically Controlled Installation System and best practice systems were followed for minimising and removing waste and hazardous materials.