Whittington Hospital

Murray Ward is the post-natal care centre on the fourth floor of St Mary’s Wing, in Whittington Hospital north London. It contains six single rooms and thirteen beds on the open ward, as well as medical equipment and additional patient facilities.

We were contracted directly by the NHS to support the refurbishment of the ward. We provided full design, including modifications to the existing building management control system, prior to installation. Other services included low-temperature hot water, ductwork, and a new Kemper valve system.

The age and quality of the building created challenges for plumbing and mechanical installations as well as the construction works themselves. We worked hand in hand with the builders to overcome the challenges, completing the project to a tight timescale and handing the ward back to Whittington Hospital snag free.

Manufacturers’ audits, Quality Control Numbers and detailed Quality Checks were all implemented in line with our Forensically Controlled Installation System. Best practice waste management procedures were also followed.