Redmond Group bans single-use plastics

Forewarning: Some people may find the photo at the end of this post distressing as it shows a Dolphin that suffered from the impact of ocean waste.

Our dolphins continue to die! Say ‘NO’ to single use plastics.

A sombre thought, but one that will hopefully lead to positive action by every one of us.

These beautiful creatures, along with other miracles of our natural world, are being destroyed by single use plastic. Employees at Redmond Group were devastated to see photos of dolphins dying from plastics in our oceans. As a result, we have banned single use plastics from our offices, and are asking all of our staff for more ideas about how we can, as a team and as individuals, reduce our negative impact on our environment and wildlife.

We would love to hear from anyone whose organisation has ideas to help us reduce our negative impact on our environment and wildlife.  Please reply to this post with your comments, or write to us at info@redmondgroupltd.com and share your ideas. 

As a start – NO MORE single use plastics!

Evidence of this pollution is worldwide, not even our local wildlife is safe from ocean plastic contamination. Seals, dolphins and whales have all been affected, as the below articles demonstrate:

Plymouth Marine Laboratory: Plastic in Britain’s seals, dolphins and whales

UK ocean plastic pollution crisis: Every seal, dolphin and whale washed up on British shores had plastic in their stomachs, report says

Whale dies with 100kg ‘litter ball’ including plastic bags and cups in its stomach in Scotland

A dolphin trapped by a plastic bag.

A dolphin starved to death when a plastic ring sealed its mouth shut.