Redmond Group collaboration with Coolair Equipment and Mitsubishi Electric

Redmond Group is proud to collaborate with Coolair Equipment Ltd and Mitsubishi Electric, installing innovative HVRF Air Conditioning technology

Coolair Equipment Limited has been established for nearly forty years as one of the UK’s leading air conditioning contractors, providing a range of tailored air conditioning solutions to commercial customers across the UK.  Redmond Group is proud to be working alongside Coolair installing Mitsubishi Electric’s world class and innovative HVRF (Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems.  

HVRF is a revolutionary new design of hybrid air conditioning system which is far safer than previous systems due to the safer gases it uses.  This exciting new business relationship is in line with and supports Redmond’s commitment to good health and well-being, industry innovation in infrastructure, and protection of the environment.   Our collaboration with companies which have similar values is important to us, and our joint venture with Coolair perfectly matches our business strategy and our ethos.

Coolair Equipment Ltd were one of the first contractors to be awarded entry to the new Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner Scheme, their certificate of excellence. They are experts in the design of systems using this technology within complex commercial environments.  This, coupled with Redmond Groups’ expertise in the installations of such systems and the superior quality of Mitsubishi Electric’s products, means that our clients will get the best of all worlds: the best modern technologies offering environmental, and health and safety benefits; expert design; and the highest quality installations.

Our MD, Stephen Redmond with Coolair’s Steven Valentine.