Redmond Group delighted to secure Kingston project

Redmond Group is delighted to have secured the Fassett Road & Central Block project in Kingston-upon-Thames with James Taylor Construction.

Our works include the mechanical installation within 69 apartments covering 5 blocks (A, B, C, D and Central), including the supply and delivery of labour, plant, materials and the installation of:

Mains Cold Water Service (MCWS) in the Basement
Boosted Cold Water Service (BCWS) in the Basement
Boosted Cold Water Service (BCWS) Distribution
Cold Water Storage Tank and Booster Set
CAT5 Tank and Booster Set
CAT5 Distribution
Soil Vent Pipes
Rainwater Pipe (RWP) and Guttering
Electric Boilers and Cylinders
Combination Boilers
Underfloor Heating and Radiators
Bathroom Fit-Out

The entire project consists of the demolition of 20-30 Beaufort Road and 25-41 Fassett Road along with the hotel buildings to rear. 18 & 32 Beaufort Road, as well as 23 & 43 Fassett Road will be refurbished and converted for residential use, and new buildings erected to provide a total of 20 houses and 69 apartments over 5 blocks, together with basement, surface car parking and landscaping all within the Grove Crescent conservation area.

During the course of these works Redmond Group will be supporting our client by realising their vision with a comprehensive quality regime only operated by Redmond Group.  Our ‘Forensically Controlled Installation System’ was devised by Redmond Group’s research department to ensure the ultimate in quality control. We operate this by tagging every pipe fitting or termination point with a unique ‘Quality Control Number’, which is then scrutinised when we invite the relevant manufacturer in to carry out ‘visual’ and/or ‘ultra sound’ or DT (destructive testing) testing. The manufacturer is then instructed to generate a unique report encapsulating all testing before sharing this feedback with our client. This system is the fundamental corner stone to a defect free project, and only operated by Redmond Group.