Redmond Group offers staff a free voluntary Occupational Health Check

At Redmond Group we are all passionate about our employees’ physical and mental health – both on site and in our offices.  Where site space permits, we offer access to our Employee Areas to all on site, as a place where workers can take a break in a pleasant environment.

To help inspire each other to be more health aware, we recently organised an Occupational Health Check in our offices – so that employees could “know their numbers”.  This involved a voluntary and confidential health check for all who were interested, with a view to helping them be vigilant of potential risks to their well-being.  Everyone wanted to be involved, and the day was met with tremendous feedback of how it had helped everyone to understand their health status.

This health check day coincided with the week-long monitoring of the environment in the office, which included a measure of CO2 levels, humidity, and temperature and gave us the best possible statistics to make any necessary adjustments and ensure the well-being of our employees.