Redmond Group Ltd partners with Cavendish Engineers

Redmond Group Ltd has partnered with Cavendish Engineers to show our commitment to our employees’ health and well-being, alongside strengthened energy management. As part of this focus, the air in our office will be monitored for CO2 levels, humidity, and temperature – all to ensure comfortable levels of each. Additionally, electricity usage levels will be recorded in order to identify any areas for improvement and therefore manage better energy efficiency.

We look no further than the expertise of Phil Draper (MCIBSE CEng) from Cavendish Engineers for the ethos of well-being and metering, having previously worked alongside each other on a British Land Development, where we formed a connection based on mutually agreed business ethics.

Phil Draper (Cavendish Engineers) with Stephen Redmond along with Redmond Group directors, managers, and our estimating and admin teams.
Stephen Redmond MIoD – #LoveConstruction

We’d love to hear from our business partners and associates about how you’re introducing initiatives to improve the environment for your employees, and the energy efficiencies of your organisations.