Redmond Group sponsors Ben Kasperczak

Redmond Group have sponsored Ben Kasperczak for the 2019 season. Ben is an inspiring local 15 year old professional racing car driver.

As part of the sponsorship, look out for our logo on Ben’s car and driving suit.

Ben gives a synopsis about his career below:

“I am a 15 year old professional racing car driver. I started racing go karts at the age of 3 and was quickly signed up by Motorsport World, my local track at Rye House in Hertfordshire (the same track Lewis Hamilton was first noticed!). Motorsport World sponsored me just before my 4th birthday, making me the world’s youngest person to be signed up in motorsport. I progressed through karting at the top level, wining rounds at the British Championship and many others, amassing 180 trophies. I finished karting in 2016 when I was 13 as it was time for me to move to another level. In 2018 I raced in the junior saloon car championship and it had  been a very up and down year due to lots of car issues!

We started off at Silverstone with 2 wins and also fastest lap.

Then we went on to Rockingham and had a 2nd and a win and that was a great start to the 2018 championship. Then we went to my local track Brands Hatch, Feeling confident coming rounds 4 and 5.

Brands Hatch we had a mechanical issue in race 1 that made me had a DNF because of that we had to start last in race 2 and I came from last to 2nd then 4th.

Rockingham: Feeling very confident coming into 4 rounds 5 and 6 Rockingham we put it on pole once again and at the end of Qualifying we had a tyre Blow our and that made me roll the car 6 times! I got back out in race 2 thanks to everyone that helped me fix the car In time. I was leading for most of the race and then dropped down to 2nd and then I got smashed off by another driver so that ended my race.  Over the 6 week break we repaired the car fully and felt confident for

Snetterton, we had a 2nd in race one with a car that was misfiring. Race two  soon as I got off the line the gear box went to that ended my race once again. Going into Anglesey in Wales my luck did not change by not finishing any of the races due to the car misfiring again.

Donington, we hired the spare car to try and stop all the issues to have a fair race. I put it on pole by half a second ! And it was looking very positive for the races. Race one I was leading and then I got smashed off again. And the driver was prosecuted. Race two on the way to the grid the engine decided to let go so that also ended race 2.

Silverstone I was in the orex car again and everyone could not do qualifying due to the weather so I had to start last In race one. In race one I came through to 4th and in race two I came through to 1st and won the race the whole way through.

Oulton park we turned up with my own car and I could not go out for practice as my car had more problems so we decided to hire the spare car thanks to Orex and at the hardest circuit in the uk where I have never been I put it on p2 in qualifying so I was very happy about that. Race one I started 2nd and came 2nd. Race two i had an amazing hard race and I won!

Next year I am racing in the junior saloon car championship for the second time running. And we are hoping to take the championship, we are going to be running two cars due to my 2018 car unreliability.

Please help me to help you follow our dreams together.”

Ben’s race dates for the 2019 season are below (subject to change):

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