Redmond Group Summer BBQ

We work smart and hard at Redmond Group. We love it. And we play with enthusiasm too!

Having fun and relaxing with our friends – who happen to be colleagues too – is as important to us as supporting each other in our drive toward our business goals.

Alex feeding the Llamas

On Friday 14th June, we had our very first team Summer BBQ.  Personally hosted by our Managing Director Steve Redmond, we took the time to relax together as friends, and to have a bit of fun!  The afternoon included scrumptious food – a lá Chef Matt Lee, a mechanical buckin’ bronco bull ride and a bungi-bouncy-race, a tour of the Redmond Group Community Zoo – with a chance to hand-feed the alpacas, llamas, and even the rather shy wallabies – as well as a visit to the UN Wildlife Regeneration Scheme grounds on gators!

Our chef for the afternoon, Matt Lee

It was a wonderful afternoon full of team bonding, laughter – and the occasional bruised ego as yet another colleague came off the bull! 

Phil on the mechanical bull