Redmond Group supports 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

This year marks 50 years since the first Earth Day, which was on the 22nd April 1970. In 2020, the theme is Climate Action.  And although COVID-19 is clearly the whole world’s most urgent crisis, that does not diminish the critical importance of continuing to do all that we can to slow down and prevent negative human impact on our planet’s climate.

History of Earth Day

Earth Day was created in response to a persistent and growing international public outcry at the destruction being caused by the human race upon the planet. Originating in the USA, it is now recognised and celebrated around the world.

For information about how – even in lockdown – you can be involved, read more here at and

We do our utmost at Redmond Group Ltd to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support the environment around our own business specific goals.