Redmond Group supports World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, and we make the time to focus on the importance of global and local mental health education and care.  As well as the advocating of understanding and acceptance, and fighting against the past stigmas associated with mental health issues. 

At Redmond Group, we run a well-being and mental health awareness programme, which is overseen by our Mental Health First Aid Champion (MHFA).  The programme includes an on-site toolbox talk. Mental health issues are spoken about in a non-judgemental way, with the aim of breaking down any stigma attached to this form of illness. Staff are made aware that one in four people in the construction industry have suffered and asked for support.  Coping techniques are shared, alongside the mechanisms and organisations that can provide support. Employees are encouraged to take as good care of themselves as they can, both physically and mentally, and to speak to our MHFA Champion, or other trusted personnel within Redmond if they need advice on any area of their lives affecting their mental health.

Our objective is to ensure all Redmond employees understand the range of the support available to them.  For more information, the below link may be helpful too.