Redmond’s Pet Day a Barking Success

We welcomed two new and very enthusiastic colleagues at our Redmond offices recently.  Hamish and Haggis (Scottish Terrier breed) joined us for a day of hard work, long walks, and occasional naps – and they brought a smile to everyone’s face as we got on with our working days.

The mental health and well-being benefits of having pets are well known – and even scientifically proven.  So although it may not be possible for every office, every day, it certainly was a joyful day in the Redmond offices, and something we hope to do on a regular basis.

Skye gets a helping paw with the latest order.
Hamish and Haggis decide Eve no longer needs her stress ball.
Good boy security checks for Doggo Treats in Marc’s bags!
That delivery should have been here by now!