Rock of Redmond joins the Redmond Group family

Redmond Group welcomes their latest recruit to the family, Rock of Redmond, a 2 year old filly (female horse under 4 years old) who is now our company mascot!

Rock of Redmond’s trainer is Dean Ivory, and we’ve had two jockeys, James Kenny and Sophie Ralston, along with a dedicated team giving Rock the best TLC.

Her first race was at Kempton Park on the 10th October 2019 where she led in first place for the majority, but was overtaken in the last few seconds, finishing in 6th place. A great achievement for a first race, and our staff were very excited to see how much potential she has in her.

Rock of Redmond at the stables
Rock of Redmond during training
Rock of Redmond during training
Rock of Redmond during training
Our training jockey, James Kenny, wearing the company silks
Rock of Redmond likes our Managing Director, Stephen Redmond

Footage of her first race:

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