Rosie gives birth to a baby cria at Community Zoo

A baby Cria, Bucky, was born to Rosie the llama in the zoo on the 8th Oct.

Bucky is a very healthy and happy baby. Mum Rosie has been a great carer second time around. She wasn’t too sure what being a mum entailed with her first cria called Bella. Bella is also delighted with her new baby brother.

This time, mum allowed baby Bucky to latch on within hours. Mum has been extremely protective of her cria too, not happy with anyone spending too much time with him. If she feels we are spending too much time with her cria, she starts stamping her hoves!

Owner, Stephen Redmond, explained: “This is a good sign to see mum caring so well for her offspring. We have helped support mum, to ensure Bucky gets a great start to his life.”

Rosie is the only llama within the herd to let people know she is around with the odd kick. Bucky has started to copy mum by throwing a kick now and then, another good sign that he is able to protect himself if he needs to.