Setting High Standards for On-Site Safety

Setting high-quality safety standards have always been the foremost drive at the Redmond Group, even before the onset of Covid-19 added to new processes and protocols. It forms one of our three brand pillars; PROFESSIONALISM, COMMITMENT, SAFETY. 

Mick McCarthy, HSQE & Research Director, comments, ‘We have always prided ourselves in our health and safety record, quality management methods; it’s in our DNA. Whether that be ISO practices or indeed around specific industry accreditations, It is something we regularly are complimented on by customers. Keeping abreast of regulatory and compliance standards and legislation is part and parcel of running a smooth and efficient operation’. 

Redmond has a policy of integrating standards as an integral element of their ongoing training to all on-site and off-site personnel, emphasising safety procedures, so they become second nature. The result is recognition by their award CHAS accreditation assessed against ten specific compliance criteria;  Health & Safety; Financial; Identity; Corporate & Professional Standing; Environmental; Quality; Equality; Corporate Social Responsibilities; Information Security; Buildings Information modelling; (BIM).  

Similarly is the recent award by Constructionline as a Gold Member for meeting all the pre-qualification requirements appropriate to public and private sector procurement.

These disciplines are a stamp of good leadership. The level of importance imposed by senior management is, in fact, a true reflection of the personal experience of founder and MD of the Redmond Group, Stephen Redmond. He experienced first-hand a relatives death from an on-site accident and was a pallbearer at his funeral.

Stephen Redmond MD states; ’Innovation is at the heart of our company philosophy; in fact, it forms an inherent part of our vision statement:

“To bring innovative, creative and practical solutions to a building’s MEP delivery for optimal cost, comfort, and environmental efficiency”. 

We have developed and launched our unique processes and protocols with our RedCom on-site personnel safety device to ensure any fall or injury receives immediate attention. We have also developed the aptly named “Forensically Controlled Installation System’ (FCIS™)”. The FCIS™ is a vital advancement actively engaging all site personnel in ownership of all parts assembly down to every joint valve nut and bolt. It is a means of ensuring accountability and pride in our work, as can be viewed in our latest video explaining the FCIS™ benefits to a Redmond Group MEP installation’. More effective and efficient installation management reduces the carbon footprint for the Redmond Group and the Customer.