Striving To Help Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16 May 2021

We will all suffer some form of worry, anxiety, stress at various times in our life. It is more common than many of us choose to admit. Therefore, it is paramount to seek help and not feel weak or embarrassed with so much exposure to this growing societal problem. It is good to reflect on Mental Health Awareness week that businesses are now taking the issue seriously and providing help not just in greater awareness but also in greater understanding with a tangible assessment for colleagues.

At the Redmond Group recently, both our office and onsite colleagues took the first step with a 90-minute timeout to complete an online stress awareness in the workplace computer training module.

All our colleagues are encouraged to get out for fresh air as often as possible. Whether this is taking walks during their lunch hour, or taking the opportunity to reconnect with nature, we feel this helps ensure all of us within Redmond Group have the right work/life balance. We also have access to tools needed to help improve our mental health.

“This subject has never been more pressing given the changing and challenging landscape for our business and our people coming out of the effects of a pandemic. Now is the time to ensure we show CARE and COMPASSION, and where needed, that help is at hand for all our colleagues”.

Mick McCarthy, HSQE & Research Director,

Help is available with information and valuable tools available to access and download from the charity MIND website. Just click on this link and help MIND further their excellent work by donating.

We embrace supporting Mental Health Week. It is part of our ongoing commitment started three years ago to the UN global goals for sustainable development, an excellent example of our business understanding the importance of our people, community and shared responsibility. Filtering this through our company at all levels provides a good feeling that we contribute to improving better community outcomes’.

It also makes us a contractor of choice for leading construction businesses who need a partner with the same commitment to high standards and sustainability and with the same innovative mindset about achieving goals.

The Redmond Group corporate brochure highlights the commitment to eleven of the 17 sustainability goals the UN has identified, a copy available at the following link; Redmond Group Making a Difference corporate brochure.

COVID-19 has heightened the awareness of all our priorities in both our personal and business lives. And Redmond Group will continue – as it always has – to find the balance to ensure profitability whilst caring for its people, the community, and our environment.