The Friends of Leigh Library Gardens – a community cause close to our hearts

The Friends of Leigh Library Gardens (FOLLG) is a not for profit organisation (formerly constituted small charity), with governance through three trustees and over twenty ‘member’ volunteers. One of those three trustees is an NED for Redmond Group Ltd, who admits that this is a personal passion of his in relation to adding vitally important social value in the area, and creating community improvements.

The FOLLG volunteers work closely with the local community, the local councils, and local stakeholders with a joint vision to create greater inclusivity and diversify in relation to who and how Leigh Library Gardens are enjoyed.  All of the volunteers spend time working in the Gardens to enhance the important green space for the community and visitors to Leigh-on-Sea.   The Gardens have been a fantastic asset for the residents and visitors to Leigh-on-Sea, and this has been even more evident recently with the onset of COVID19 and the easing of lockdown restrictions.  The Gardens provide outdoor space where members of the community can safely meet, and offers a safe and tranquil space that contributes towards personal mental awareness, wellbeing and wellness.  It provides a wonderful haven for a variety of wildlife in the area.

The People’s Path

FOLLG is fundraising for a new path in the Gardens and, as a not for profit, they need help.

A public consultation about Leigh Library Gardens was held in December 2019, and the feedback received identified “The People’s Path” as one of the key improvements local residents wanted to see in the Gardens.  This has been further supported through recent feedback from the users of and visitors to the Gardens.  

The People’s Path will be a new 42m x 1.2m path in the Upper Gardens which will make access easier, safer and improve mobility for all. The existing dirt path (desire line) is difficult to use during the winter months due to deterioration in the ground conditions when the weather is cold and wet. The cost to install the path is £5,965. FOLLG are able to provide £350 from funds previously raised, so they are seeking to raise the remaining £5615 and have created a gofundme page to help raise money for this community cause.  

The ongoing impact of COVID19 puts new and unexpected pressures on Local Authority budgets, and there is no funding available from the local council for the path in the short to medium term.  The Friends of Leigh Library Gardens are committed to ‘making a difference’, and hope the community will help support funding for ‘The People’s Path’.

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