The Ocean Cleanup Interceptors – ridding the world’s oceans and rivers of plastic

Between 1.15 and 2.41 million tons of plastic every year is contaminating rivers and oceans, causing economic damage, killing marine wildlife, and even entering the human food chain.

Redmond Group would like to give recognition to the excellent work being done by 25 year old Dutch engineer Boyan Slat, Founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, who has begun a worldwide operation to rid the world’s oceans from plastic contaminates using autonomous vehicles known as ‘Interceptors’, of which four have been built so far.

Stage 1 completed on the 12th December 2019 with the cleanout of Malaysia’s most polluting river, the Klang River. A separate cleanup took place simultaneously in Indonesia’s most polluting river, the Jakarta river. An additional two Interceptors will be deployed covering rivers in Vietnam (Can Tho) and The Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo).

The 100% solar-powered system uses a conveyor belt and 6 hoppers to remove plastics and other contaminants from rivers. The Interceptor has a capacity of 50m3 and can extract between 50,000-100,000 kg per day with 24/7 operation.

The ambitious project hopes to clean 1,000 rivers over the next 5 years (2025), which their own research found was responsible for roughly 80% of the pollution.