The value of organisational Values

At Redmond Group we are on a mission to continuously achieve the highest standards of excellence in mechanical, electrical and commercial plumbing (MEP) project delivery through the application of technology and innovation.  Underpinning that mission, are our three core values: Professionalism, Commitment, Safety.

Every new member of the Redmond team learns about our values on the day they join us. They are then expected to believe in, engage in, and embody those values every moment of every day they are with us. Our company leadership team leads by example, and sets the very high standards every day.  It’s in everything we do.  It’s our culture. And it’s our DNA

The benefits of strong core values, which are considered in each decision and action we take, are many; they include (but are not limited to):

  • Helping our associates and clients understand what we stand for.
  • Creating the business we want for now and for our future.
  • Ensuring respect and protection for our clients and our colleagues.  
  • Helping us select, attract and retain the highest level of new talent that we want and need – and that believe in the things we do!
  • Helping employees make better decisions.

How do the right, strong core values help employees make better decision?  Simple. When faced with a difficult decision to make, we ask ourselves: “What do our Values tell me is the right thing to do?”

We think about:

  • Professionalism: How can I proceed with behaviours and actions that will result in the most professional outcome
  • Commitment: How can I make the decision that gets the best outcome for our business, our employees, our client
  • Safety: How can I proceed with behaviours and actions that will ensure that everyone remains completely safe at all times

Our Values guide us; they are our code-of-conduct. They remind us what’s important, and they help solidify our team energy and drive to be the best in all that we do.