We’re committed to the well-being of Redmond Group Employees

At Redmond Group Ltd our values are those of Professionalism, Commitment, and Safety. We expect every employee to believe in and embody those values, and we expect it of ourselves as an employer and as a business.

We want to be a preferred employer; one that actively shows that we care about the health and well-being of our staff.  As part of this we want to offer our committed employees the benefits they deserve and so regularly review these at Director level.

Recently we partnered with a provider of an Employee Assistance Programme. This offers all employees (and their immediate dependents meeting certain criteria) a free 24 hour strictly confidential advisory service that will support them through many of life’s challenges. The services that are made available include unlimited access to structured telephone or face-to-face counselling for emotional problems; legal information (from consumer disputes, property or neighbour legalities, lawsuits etc.); debt management advice; bereavement counselling and advice; medical information and CBT online.

There are also Web and App based portals, which – along with the free 24 hour confidential line – allow the employees to find the help that they need at the time that they need it.

The service is completely independent of Redmond Group Ltd, and ensures staff’s private data is kept secure. This helps employees feel comfortable and more open to using the service, which has already benefitted many.