Woodland regeneration plan update

Our woodland 5-year regeneration plan is well under way, so far, we have completed the following:

  • Planting of 2200 bareroot blackthorne hedging to perimeter of woodland in August/September 2016 (to encourage bird nesting and feeding).
  • Between August and December 2017, 140 dead, dying and dangerous trees felled. Some non-native trees like sycamore and larch felled.
  • Habitat piles made from felled trees/brush. Intended for hedgehog and general woodland nesting/hibernation.
  • Fleece from alpacas shared among habitat piles for enrichment purposes.
  • Replanting of 1500 failed barefoot hedging to perimeter.
  • Spreading of hedgehog and wild bird feed though out woodland started 1st January 2018. The plan is to repeat this process 4 weeks.
  • Laid 2000 meters of irrigation system to the perimeter in January/February 2018
  • Added 2 bee hives with up to 2,500 bees in each one. They are already producing honey.
  • 2 Hedgehog dens have been created – the doors have been opened to allow their voluntary release back into their natural habitat.